How create own interface with python?

Hi, I want to create own interface for openvas-scanner and there are features that I want:

  • Scan a target (singel or range IP) in all profile like “Full and fast”
  • XML report
  • Status of scan and control it for example “pause”
  • Add certification to scan

But I confused how can I develop this. There are many library such as “python-gvm”, “ospd-openvas”, “ospd” or using command line.
Could you please help me which of project is good for this point? and When I Building GVM 21.04 which components is nessisery to be install and which of them is not?

Thank you.

You need to take a deeper look at our architecture at and decide which parts of our stack you need for your use case.


Thanks for your reply. I saw the link but there isn’t details of each component.If you know which library is suitable for handel the features that I said, please suggest me.

Could you please help me?