Gvm-cli xml error

GVM versions

**gsad: 21.04
gvmd: 21.4.0
**openvas-scanner: 21.4.0

I am getting a invalid xml for the following:-

gvm-cli --gmp-username ***** --gmp-password ********** tls --hostname ******** -X “<get_reports report_id=‘’ filter=‘levels=hml apply_overrides=1’ format_id='’/>”

looked through the forums and the documentation and nothing is jumping out as an obvious error.

The connection to the gvm database is working for other commands like get_tasks and get_report_formats

Without any further error log message it is impossible to help.

Besides that your version does not contain the latest fixed and therefore you should always use the latest release.

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Bricks thank you for this.

gvm-cli is at latest download of version 21.1.0 nothing is being reported in the logs at all showing any errors from what i can see.

I have resolved this with a change to the python script to change filter_string to filter for use on gvm 21.04.

Always consider to use both the latest version of python-gvm and gvm-tools to avoid incompatibility errors.

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