Gvm-cli over gmp or ssh confusing

I installed to version of gvm …

  1. self compiled
  2. gvm packages from kali linux

and i want to access from remote over gvm-cli

First question?

Is gmp depricated? I tried to start gsad with the option --mport 9390, but the port didn’t open.
so im not able to connect over gmp. the socket works, but only local.

Second Question
What i have to do, that I can access over ssh?

When I try to access …
*gvm-cli ssh --hostname scanner --xml="<get_tasks/>"
I get
*Remote closed the connection
my gvm-tools.conf looks like

cat gvm-tools.conf

On the Host i see with tcpdump

19:01:39.048066 IP > Flags [S],
19:01:39.048074 IP > Flags [R.],
19:01:39.048348 IP > Flags [S],
19:01:39.048356 IP > Flags [R.],

i would appreciate for help :slight_smile:

my main problem is, understand how the remote access work. When i access over ssh, is it nessarary to create a posix login with the same account data, as in the greenbone webinterface?

How work the access - ssh and local over the socket? or over gmp port 9390?

GMP is not deprecated. Where did you get this statement from?

GMP is not based on HTTP therefore is isn’t provided by our web server gsad. It is the protocol provided by gvmd.

SSH access is only available out of the box by our GSM products. Only local unix domain socket connections are supported by default. Using TLS or SSH needs some additional setup.


Thank you Bricks … How? Is there a Documention?

gsad has the an option --mport= … the man pages says that this is the option to open the manager port, but it has no effect …

gvmd -p 9150 -a … I think this is the right direction …

thanks …

Actually it is

-m, --mport=<number>                   Use manager port number <number>.

which means connect to the manager daemon which listens on port <number>


thank you for the enlightment

gvmd -p 9390 -a
gsad --mport=9390 --mlisten

so tls connection works over network

gvm-cli tls --hostname scanner --xml="<get_tasks/>"

… next step is ssh :slight_smile:

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