GVM 11 - Is there any way to get list of only new plugins synced?


I am trying to get the latest set of NVT’s after every sync but I am not able to get that info. Even with get_nvts command there is no option to filter it based on modified date?

My goal is to get the list of new NVTs downloaded either by sorting via modification date or any other method? Can someone share this?

try with OSP instead of GMP, talking directly with ospd-openvas (GVM-11 and later). It has a filter option for the VT’s modification time (OSP Documentation).

gvm-cli --protocol OSP socket --socketpath=<path-to-ospd-openvas.sock> --xml "<get_vts filter='modification_time&gt;202007271206'/>" | xmlstarlet fo


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Hey, tried the command but even with creation or modification date past month not getting any results. The results I was hoping were to be a list of plugins which are received in recent sync. But this seems to be more of vulnerability tests which would be of no use in that case.

What is need is all the plugins received in sync in past week or so. Is there any way to achieve that?