GVM-10 Problems during scanning

I recently installed GVM from the source code. When I started the first scans the only results I got were errors that the ports couldn’t be scanned because I didn’t have a scanner like nmap.

So I installed it, but when I started the scan again, it didn’t exceed 1%.

I was reading that it could be because of the redis-server configuration. When looking at the logs he recommended me to increase the value of the databases to be analyzed and several memory related parameters.

Is there any manual to guide me and know more or less the values I should use depending on the size of the network and the scanner to run?

The configuration used in the redis server is /share/doc/openvas-scanner/example_redis_3_2.conf

Thanks so much!


this forum contains a lot of threads for scans at 1 percent. Please use the search for more info.

Also we have an explicit topic about redis config

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Thank for your help!!

Finally solve the problem using the guide of the configuration for redis.