Greenbone-nvt-sync Permission denied

I follow the tutorial to install openvas-scanner,when i execute ‘greenbone-nvt-sync’,this command requires me to execute as a non-root user.But if I execute the command as a normal user, I will get the following error.
Should I build all openvas components with normal users?


It seems that this command will download the compressed file to the /tmp/ directory,but only the root user has permission to read, resulting in Permission denied

You permission management if broken. You need to grant them read/write permission. This is very basic Linux knowledge so no need to discuss this here. Therefor i am closing this topic.

One important additional note to the following:

This check has been added to the “master” branch only (in which means you’re currently trying to use a development version of GVM.

Please note that the “master” branch is where all development is happening. This branch might show unexpected behavior or could even break at any time.

If you don’t want to contribute to the development of GVM and want to have the best experience with GVM it is strongly suggested to stay with the official announced source code releases in About the Source Edition (GSE) category.

Could some kind person actually tell me what to do to cure this? It may be standard linux knowledge but it seems to have passed me by.

Please check the owner, group and write permissions of the data. It is very likely that the user running the sync script hasn’t write permission to the download directory. The download directory for the nvts depends on the packages you are using (most likely /var/lib/openvas/plugins/).

But really this is very basic unix knowledge you should be aware of!