GOS 6.0.2 Stalls at 1%

Using the Greenbone OS 6.0.2 on a VM.

I have multiple issues. I’ll start with this one.

I updated the community feed since I do not have the subscription key.
I added my targets
I added my task
I am hitting play to run the scan on the targets

Now it stalls at 1%. I am checking the performance monitor. According to that no resources are being used. I logged out and attempted to log back in and I get error “GMP error during authentication.” I have looked at other support tickets and none of them have a solution.

Within the greenbone OS "│ System Status: No system operation is running currently. "

After a while I get the below when the URL times out no matter where I am located in the security manager.
ERROR “An internal error occurred. Diagnostics: Could not connect to manager daemon. Unknown error.

Finally after a reboot I get this error everytime I run the scan. Which no longer stalls at 1% but just goes to “Done”
ERROR “Could not connect to Scanner”

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That mean that the manager could not talk to the scanner, typical if you use the GCE Image there are two main reasons for that:

  1. Your Install / Virtual HDD Image is corrupted.
  2. Your machine is not allocating enough resources to the VM.
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I will rebuild it and report back. I am using 12GB or ram and 8 cores. Hopefully it should not require more resources

I ended up not using the OS and went with installing it on Fedora 30. Now it is working with the newest version of openvas.

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OpenVAS is end of life, so you should really update to GVM.