Export delta report in csv with delta status


I was wondering if i’ts possible to genereate a csv delta report that includes the … header. Basically just a CSV column/row that notes if the vulnerability/log is new, changed, gone or the same.


Sadly not. The issue is known, but not fixed yet, sorry.

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No problem. Was just wondering if there was some kind of known workaround for it :slight_smile:

The only way to used csv in the current situation is to export the report 4 times, once for each delta state.
Use the filter delta_state=n to get only new results, g for gone, s for same and c for changed (same result, but changed details).
Name the result appropriately, this way you know what you are looking at.

What about using system tools like: “man diff” :wink:


sry for bumping a issue of 2020, but we would love to use the feature “CSV exports for scan diffs”. Any idea how the community could help with the implementation / bug fix?

Maybe I can convince my company to throw some paid hours onto this issue.

EDIT: we are using 21.4.2.