Export and Import tasks,targets for GCE Upgrade

I run a VM with gsm-ce 4.2.10, now I installed a new VM with gsm-ce 4.2.20, I exported at the old VM the targets,tasks,pots,config,… settings, how can I import this exports at the new VM, so that i still have the reports and targets that I have scanned.

It’s possible to import scan configs, port lists and reports. Just export them in the xml format, open the corresponding list page, click on import and upload the xml file. Reports have to be imported into a so called container task. That’s a special task for viewing external reports. Currently it’s not possible to import user settings, tasks and targets. That would only be possible with user data backup but i don’t think this is supported with the GCE.


Thanks for the answer, the feature Backup isn´t included in GCE so there is actually no way to import targets and tasks.

You can only backup the whole VM with your hypervisor.

Not with the community edition. Please see: