Exclude Brother printers from scan


I am runing GVM 20.08 on Ubuntu 20.04.

I am scanning a subnet using the Full and fast config. This config has the option “Exclude printers from scan” set to “yes”.

Now I noticed that the scanner spends a lot of time on two particular IP addresses (port 443), which are printers by the manufacturer Brother.

Now apparently, the scanner does not recognize these IP addresses as printers. Should I submit a feature request?

Alternatively, is there a config option to exclude web applications from scan which match a given HTML title? (In my case, the HTML title of the printers are “Brother HL-L5100DN series”.)

EDIT: I also noticed some (fragile) IP phones which take a very long time to scan (port 443). A great solution would be if I were able to provide a list of HTML titles to the scanner config to exclude from scan.