Detect Windows turned off firewall


I’m trying to scan a Windows machine on which firewall has been disabled. When I launch my scan (with or without credentials), it doesn’t detect that firewall is off. The targeted host is alive and well, I have other vulnerabilities detected but not this one.
Does Openvas can not detect this type of vulnerabilities or did I do domething wrong?

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Please read our fine documentation:

Additional you might wanna check the Policy Control:
M 4.98 Restricting communication to a minimum with packet filters Credentials Microsoft Windows: firewall is tested. For Microsoft Windows Vista or higher any firewall that is installed conforming to the system.

A disabled firewall isn’t a vulnerability so you won’t get any vulnerabilities reported about this in your report.

A disabled firewall is more a Policy topic, there might be a few Policy-VTs from e.g. the “IT-Grundschutz” family which could help you to detect something like this.