Delete dependency for GSHB/EL15/GSHB_M4_342.nasl still present in the file

There is a missing dependency in:

./GSHB/EL15/GSHB_M4_342.nasl: script_dependencies("GSHB/GSHB_WMI_OSInfo.nasl", "gsf/Policy/WindowsGeneral/MSSLegacy/win_last_access_timestamp.nasl");

The last dependency should have been removed as it has been deleted from the svn repo November 2nd with the other ~1200 “Policy/Microsoft” NASL. Also, can you give more informations on the reason why those have been removed from the feed.

Not so sure if this is the right place to post this info. Let me know if there is a better channel for that kind of report.

Hi @keven,

Thanks for bringing this up.
The missing dependency is fixed in the new feed version. Please run a feed update.

The Policy tests are included in the Greenbone Security Feed, see also (The Different Flavors of Greenbone Technology.