Deactivate Ping host (consider alive)

I am using gvm 21.04 that is fine
As I know my hosts are alive I want to deactivate alive host test then I choose ‘consider alive’ option while I’m creating my targets
But when I check my network log I see that openvas pings hosts using ICMP.
would you please clarify the role of ‘consider alive’ for me?
I have two different understandings of it:
1 - it deactivates the first phase of the scan that is ping host (I’ve come across this from About test_alive_hosts_only)
2 - it considers even unreachable hosts alive after pinging and not receiving response
which one is correct?

and one more thing
what about 'test_alive_host_only' option! which is mentioned in this topic About test_alive_hosts_only
I couldn’t find it in the greenbone version I’m using , where I can set it ?

As far as I understand it the “test_alive_hosts_only” option activates a new alive scan sysyem called Boreas. It was optional in 20.08 but is default in 21.04. That will be why you can’t find the flag anymore, it’s default on now.
Without Boreas alive testing was done by an NVT, which went according the rules for NVTs, like the max. Hosts and max. NVTs settings.
Boreas ignores this and tests away superfast at the beginning of the scan. I believe it does so even when consider alive in chosen, but ignores the results.