CVE-2022-4877 severity


I see CVE-2022-44877 severity is defined as log in OpenVas DB, while it is considered as high vulnerability in others. Could somebody please advise why the difference? Thanks in advance.


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A rationale for this is given in 14 Managing SecInfo — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.6 documentation which has the following content:

Columns like Severity may display N/A for one of the following reasons:

  • The CVE was published but no vulnerability analysis/severity assessment was carried out by the NVD yet. This can take a few days up to a few weeks.
    Such CVEs can be identified when browsing the related entry. As long as Undergoing Analysis is displayed there, N/A is shown in the columns for the CVE.
  • There is always a delay of 1 – 2 working days between the vulnerability analysis/severity assessment and the time the updated information is displayed in the SecInfo.

Important notes:

  • The SecInfo -> CVEs view is completely unrelated to any vulnerability tests (VTs have their own severity assigned) and is supplemental data for cross-references and similar (SCAP data).
  • If a CVE is listed in SecInfo -> CVEs it doesn’t mean that a VT exists. The availability of a VT needs to be looked up via SecInfo -> NVTs instead.
  • A VT for CVE-2022-44877 (there is currently a typo in the topic title for this CVE) is available in the Greenbone Enterprise Feed only.
  • To get updated severity info in SecInfo -> CVEs a working feed synchronization is mandatory
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