Create Target: make_unique?


i’m trying to pass make_unique into my create_target xml request.
However, I always get an EOF.

‘bogus element make_unique’: <create_target><name><make_unique>%s</name><hosts>%s</hosts>%s</create_target>

The code above contains invalid xml. Could you try closing the make_unique element with passing <make_unique/> instead?


<create_target><make_unique/><name>yyyy</name><hosts>xxxx</hosts></create_target> will result in Bogus element: make_unique.

<create_target><name><make_unique/>yyyy</name><hosts>xxxx</hosts></create_target> will result in Target exists already.

I am sorry to say the make_unique feature seems to be broken at the moment. We have created a ticket to fix the behavior.

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Thank you, can you refer to the ticket URL?

I am sorry the ticket isn’t public.

@bricks when will this be fixed?

<make_unique/> got removed last week from the next version of gvmd in GVM 10.

Instead you could include something like a timestamp into the target name.

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