Config Create

When i create config, use the result of get_config,I use the result to create config, the error is command is to long,why???
I hope someone can help me! I tanks very much!!

Please ensure to use get_configs (!)

More information are available at our api documentation:

I read it very carefully。
first:I git a config ,the result is AAA
second:I create a new config:gvm-cli tls --hostname --port 9390 --gmp-username sysadmin --gmp-password 5BA12AB01 -X “<create_config>AAA</create_config>” , but the result is command is too long!!! Why???

Please read for CREATING a config!

@bricks Thanks you can answer my question!
from the command <get_configs config_id=‘xxxxxxxxxxx’>, I get the result as AAA
I put the AAA in red square。 I believe that the instructions for this combination are correct, do you agree?
I send the command, the error is too long!!!!!

Maybe you could paste the error or parts of the error.

I send you the result,and my command like a file!!!get_configs.xml (517.2 KB) my_command.txt (517.2 KB)