Change in gvmd migration support

The gvmd migration routines for the database reach back more or less to version 1 of the data model. At time of writing the version in the master branch is 206.

While applying code quality measures in a very consequent manner we realized that is becomes pretty demanding to maintain the old code. Also we see signs of code rot, also known as software erosion, see Wikipedia article about software rot.

Therefore we decided to only support the migration from the last release. Older migration routines are discarded from the master branch, but of course remain in the respective release branches.

This means that a upgrade jump across two (or even more) releases will need an intermediate step. For Greenbone OS we solve this pretty easily and straight-forward. Packagers of the GSE need also to consider this - after all the migration code is always available in the code repository to build from it whatever is needed.

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This is how this is currently handled in Debian: