Can I pass nmap timing parameters?

I’d like to make nmap scan / discover hosts a bit slower.
Currently, nmap is invoked as:

nmap -n -Pn -oG /tmp/nmap- -sT -sU -p T:1-65535,U:$udports -T4

I’d like to pass “-T polite” (this scan uses “-T4” = “-T aggressive”).

Just clone the scan config and edit it, for every parameter is a setting at the Scan-Configuration.


I tried that and made a copy of the scan config and set the timing policy to “polite”.
That worked ok, but scanning was really slow. As expected.

I then tried setting it to “normal”, but it turned out that – when choosing “normal” – nmap still gets passed"-T4" (== aggressive) instead of “-T3” (==normal)

Did you used the cloned scan config ?