Announcement: Upcoming changes of the IP addresses of our feed systems, possibly affecting firewall rules

Our feed systems provide the daily updates of vulnerability test and other data to our users. Related to other changes planned for the systems, we also have to update the public IPv4 / IPv6 addresses of the systems. Please take note of these changes, as you might have to change specific rules in your firewalls.

The current IP addresses are:
IPv4 -
IPv6 - 2001:67c:274c:82::8
These IPs remain valid until 2020-07-30 EOD.

The new IP addresses are:
IPv6: 2a0e:6b40:10:105::fe:ed
These new IPs will be used from 2020-07-31 onwards.

We suggest that you check your firewall settings and make adjustments so that the feed sync can take place without interruption.

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