22.4 - Feed Synchronization - Downloading Vulnerability Tests


i’ve received following error message when performing the sync:

root@xxxxxxxxxxxx:~# sudo -u gvm greenbone-nvt-sync
rsync: [Receiver] failed to connect to feed.community.greenbone.net ( Connection refused (111)
rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(137) [Receiver=3.2.3]

Is there a way to specify the proxy server in the command? I guess, that could be the solution. Or do you know anything else?


  • Florian

Hi @florian.kaiser,

are you still seeing this? If so, do you have more than one instance/connection running?


Yes, I still see that, unfortunately. I have only one connection open.

Cool! (one connection)

I just re-read and saw you are using a proxy. The Community Edition supports direct connection, and might not be connecting due to the proxy.

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And don’t forget the feed sync uses rsync instead of http. The port may be blocked in your network.


Also don’t forget that some specific environments / security measures on the network in question might block the usage of rsync in general.

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@florian.kaiser you need to open rsync port to that ip address. rsync uses default tcp (or udp) port 873